5 Days Usambara Mountains Trekking

This leafy highland town is nestled in a fertile valley at about 1200m, surrounded by pines and eucalyptus mixed with banana plants and other tropical foliage. It's the centre of the western Usambara and makes an ideal base for hikes into the surrounding hills.

Lushoto is also the heartland of the Wasambaa people (the name ‘Usambara’ is a corruption of Wasambaa or Washambala, meaning ‘scattered’). Local culture is strong. In Muheza and parts of the Tanga region closer to the coast, Swahili is used almost exclusively. Here however, Sambaa is the language of choice for most residents.
Lushoto and its people; it would be hard to know where to start.  It is a town that exists in a nebulous state of optimistic beauty after being hardened by stunning scenery and a breath of fresh air. Like all places where winter likes to settle in for a good, long stay, the people of Lushoto nearly always embrace every moment of cool weather. When you live, visit or grow up in Switzerland, Lushoto sounds about as close and familiar as Switzerland.

It has sweeping landscapes with their towering peaks with farms, the breathtaking view and endless vistas (green and lush scenery) that interest many visitors. 
Lushoto boasts of a rich hinterland ideal for farming, which includes bananas, pears, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, yams, maize, cabbage, carrots, capsicum, plumps or apples and more that find their market within the Tanga region and beyond. Its rainforest is one of the most popular bio diversity places in Africa.

Upon landing at JRO or JNIA International Airports you will need a transfer car to Lushoto approximately 300km and 5 hours driving, Scorpion Tours can arrange your pick-up prior your arrival at extra cost. You will then be transferred to Lushoto up to Anmut Lodge. Your activity schedule will be as detailed below:-

Day 1

Magamba Rainforest => Irente Viewpoint (7-8hours 20km)

After your breakfast at Anmut Lodge walk through villages and farm land to the lush rainforest where you can see black-and-white Colobus monkeys. You will stay for while at Kiguluhakwewa whilst watching old German bunker dug during World War I. You will break for a historic royal village of the Kilindi (the Washambaa ruling clan) to learn more about their culture and way of life.

You will then proceed hiking to Irente Viewpoint whilst watching amazing Usambara escarpments. Upon entering the Viewpoint at glance you will be able to view Mazinde village and the Maasai plains almost at 1500 feet from the sea level. Your picnic lunch will be served here. You will then be transferred to Anmut Lodge for your Dinner and Overnight.

Day 2

Bangala River to Vuga Peak (5-6 hours, 15km)

After breakfast you will be transferred to Mbuzii village where your hike will begin, descend slowly down the steep slopes of the Bangala River Valley toward the rising savannah heat. Visit a tree nursery, see traditional irrigation systems, and take in breathtaking views of Mombo and Korogwe towns.

The tour on Montane Forest , a high chance to see most colorful forest bird species, reptiles(like chameleons) ,butterflies, black and white colobus monkey, blue monkeys, velvet monkeys and forest flowers. Your picnic lunch will be served on the way. On your way visit the village close to Vuga peak.
Dinner and overnight at Anmut Lodge.

Day 3

Mkuzu Waterfall (5-6 hours, 15km)

After breakfast at Anmut Lodge you will be transferred to Migambo Village where you will start your hike through the colorful forest to this local waterfall. Picnic lunch will be served then you can opt to extend your tour by climbing Migambo peak (2400m high). Dinner and overnight at Anmut Lodge.

Day 4

Skyline (6-7 hours, 33km)

After breakfast you will be transferred to Jiwe La Mungu (“The footprint of man ”) also visit a famous cable system for transporting logs down the mountain, enjoy wonderful views of Maasai Plains. Learn about the people of the Usambara Mountains, such as the Pare and Shambaa. Dinner and overnight at Anmut Lodge.

Day 5

Lushoto Town Tour (3-5 hours)

Explore Lushoto and learn about its rich history. View old structures from the town’s German colonial period. This tour can be combined with a visit to the colorful Lushoto market which normally occurs on Thursday and Saturday every week. From market area you have an option of purchasing Usambara local honey, Usambara Sakharani wine, Usambara macadamia fruits for your everlasting Usambara memories.

Montessori Nunnery 

A short transfer from Lushoto town to this beautifully landscaped Catholic mission. Learn about, taste, and buy their locally made cheese, wine, jams and learn all good things that they do to support Usambara community. Dinner and overnight at Anmut Lodge.

The price includes

1) Accommodation - full board
2) All attractions entrance fees and government levies.
3) Professional and experienced english speaking guide
4) Transfers to the hiking initial/end points
5)Clean and purified drinking water 1.5 Litres per day

The Price Excludes

1) Airport transfer during arrival 300km 5hrs driving (JNIA/JRO) US$ 250
2) Optional - Wildlife watching at Mkomazi National Park
3) Passport and entry visa fee
4) Items of personal nature
5) Travel Insurance
6) Laundry
7) Gratuities to your tour guide
8) Airport departure transfer
9) International and local airfare

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